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The HiTop campervan is a thoughtfully designed vehicle that sleeps 2 to 3 people. Functional cooking and storage areas included.

Cheap, thrifty, economic, whatever you call it, don’t be misconceived by the price. You won’t miss out on anything in these wonderfully fitted HiTop campers for hire from Travellers Autobarn whilst you are in New Zealand…

The Hitop Campervan is available as a self-contained option – simply book the “Porta Potti” during the booking stage!

Specification General Inclusion Dimension Other
Toyota  3 Seat belts Vehicle Dimension:  Fire extinguisher 
2009 to 2012 vehicle age 3 Sleeps Length: 5m Porta potti ($50 / hire)
2012 to 2014 Fit-out age Airconditioning Front cabin  Height: 2.7m Living Equipment*
Automatic Gas stove Width: 1.69m Booster seat (4 to 7 years)
2L, 4 Cylinder engine Microwave Interior height: 1.85m - 1.90m  Minimum driver age: 18 years
Unleaded Petrol Fridge    
 12-14L/100km Fuel consumption Sink Bed Dimension:  
Power steering Fresh water tank Double bed: 1.85m x 1.55m  
Dual battery Grey water tank Single bed: 1.6m x 1.38m  
2*240V to charge electrical appliances  Cigarette lighter /Charger    
  Radio/Cassette player or CD player    

*Living Equipment - A fee of $45 applies (covers up to 3 people): Sleeping bags, Pillows, Sheets, Kitchen cutlery, Kitchen pots & pans, Tea towels, Cleaning equipment, kettle.

  Standard Protection
(With Excess NZ $3500.00 bond preauthorised at pickup)
Protection Plus
(With Excess NZ $0.00)
Protection Plus Value Pack
(With Excess NZ $0.00)
Per Day Price NZ $0 NZ $35 per day NZ $45 per day
Single Vehicle Rollover* or Write-Off Liability Hirer pays full cost of damage to vehicle (or market value if written off) up to $50,000 Hirer pays up to $10,000  NZ $0
1 Front Windscreen and 2 tyres (repairs and replacement) X Yes Yes
Extra Driver Fee
(NZ $1 per day (Maximum charge NZ $25 per rental))
X X One additional driver included
Camping Chair
(NZ $15 per person)
X X Yes
External Table
(NZ $30 per rental)
X X Yes
Prepaid Gas Bottle Refill
(NZ $35 per rental)
X X Yes
*Tyre Waiver - NZ $4.50 per day X X X
**Windscreen Waiver - NZ $ 4.50 per day X X X
GPS Navigation System
(NZ $7 per day (Maximum Charge NZ $140 per rental))
Booster Seat (up to 4 years)
(NZ $45 per rental)
Baby Sear (0.6 month to 4 years)
(NZ $45 per rental)
(NZ $25 per rental)
Porta potti
(NZ $50 per rental)
Snow chains
(NZ $50 per rental)
Solar Shower
(NZ $30 per rental)
**Winter Pack for Free Free Free Free
AUX Cable
(NZ $1 per day)
FM Transmitter-USB Charger-Bluetooth-Aux cable package
(NZ $15 per rental)
USB/Phone Charge
(NZ $5 per rental)

*A Single Vehicle Rollover may include, but is not limited to a Vehicle that has rolled, tipped or fallen over and has caused damage to side and/or roof area of the Vehicle.
**Winter Pack is available for pickups between the 01st of May to the 30th of September. It includes for FREE: 1 240V heater (will Only work at powered campsites), 1 hot water bottle/person, 1 extra sleeping bag/person

Name Price
FM Transmitter - USB Charger - Bluetooth - Aux Cable Package NZ $15 Per Rental
Porta Potti/Self Contained Camper (i) NZ $50 Per Rental
Windscreen waiver NZ $5 Per Day
Fan Heater (240 Volt) NZ $25 Per Rental
Solar shower NZ $15 Per Rental
USB Car charger NZ $5 Per Rental
Extra Driver/Renter NZ $1 Per Day
Prepaid gas NZ $35 Per Rental
Snow Chains NZ $50 Per Rental
Camping Chair NZ $15 Each
Booster seat (4 to 7 years) NZ $45 Per Rental
Camping Table NZ $30 Per Rental

Terms and Conditions

T&Cs for Motorhome Rentals 2024 -2025

Valid Pickup Dates From : 01-Apr-2024 to 31-Mar-2025.

T&Cs for Motorhome Rentals 2025 -2026

Valid Pickup Dates From : 01-Apr-2025 to 31-Mar-2026.

What is your cancellation fee?
Until 14 days before pick-up, no cancellation fee applies:
1. $200 – within 14 days of pick-up
2. 50% – within 7 days of pick-up
3. 100% – same day or no show cancellation

What is your Covid policy?
In case of a positive covid test – within 7 days of your pick-up date – we will transfer your deposit into a credit note. The credit note has no expiry date.

Are your campervans self-contained?
All our campervans come as self-contained option; you can book a self-contained campervan by renting a porta potti from us for $50/rental – this will ensure that your campervan is self-contained. If you would like to find out more about self-contained campervans and freedom camping please action our Freedom Camping knowledge base…

Can I pick up/drop off my vehicle outside of office hours?
We will do our best to arrange pick ups outside of our office hours yet this can not be guaranteed. To arrange a potential pick up outside of our hours, please contact our reservations team at reservations@travellers-autobarn.com or 0800 348 348 to be assisted when making your booking. Please note we don’t offer any drop-offs outside of our office hours…
Please note these services are only offered out of Auckland & Christchurch.

What do I do when my campervan breaks down?
Travellers Autobarn vehicles are maintained and serviced regularly, unfortunately this doesn’t prevent the occasional mechanical malfunction or breakdown.
In the event you experience any problems, even minor, you must contact our Customer Care team for further assistance. If immediate assistance is required, it is best to phone us.

Australia: 1800 674 374
New Zealand: 0800 348 348
USA (+1) 800 469 4790
Minor mechanical repairs costing less than $100 may be undertaken without contacting us for authorisation and will be reimbursed when you return the vehicle, receipts must be provided as proof, or we are unable to refund you.

How does the bond/excess on a rental vehicle work?
When it comes to security bond options it can get quickly very confusing…so let’s talk about it and provide as much information as we can for you.
Basically, the security bond is how much you need to have available on your Visa/Mastercard credit card (please note that we don’t accept cash cards) at the time you hire your vehicle.  We will pre-authorise this amount, which means placing a hold on the funds for approximately 14 days, we do not actually deduct the funds at this time.
In the event your vehicle or third-party property is damaged, the amount of the security bond will be deducted from your credit card account and you will need to pre-authorise a 2nd security bond before you continue with your hire.
You can choose different options to reduce the amount of your security bond as outlined below.
IMPORTANT: In the event any damage is caused to your vehicle or third-party property by you breaching our Terms and Conditions or the damage is caused due to one of the Exclusions listed below, the amount that is payable by you could be in excess of the security bond that you have chosen.

Standard Protection – $0/day – $3000 Security Bond
If you choose our Standard Protection package your security bond is $3,000. This is our default package and is included in your daily hire rate. On pick-up we will freeze the amount of $3,000 on your credit card for approximately 14 days from the pick-up date.
Under this option, you will also be responsible for the full cost of damage caused by Single Vehicle Rollovers or the market value of the vehicle if a Write Off up to a maximum amount of $50,000.

Midway Protection – $20/day – $1500 Security Bond
If you choose the Midway Protection package your security bond is $1,500. To reduce your security bond to $1,500 you need to pay an extra $20 per day (for the 1st 50 days only – afterwards it is for free). On pick-up we will freeze the amount of $1,500 on your credit card for approximately 14 days from the pick-up date.
Under this option, you will also be responsible for the cost of damage caused by Single Vehicle Rollovers or Write Offs up to a maximum amount of $10,000.

Protection Plus – $30/day – $0 Security Bond
If you choose the Protection Plus package your security bond is $0. To reduce your security bond to $0 you need to pay an extra $30/day (for the 1st 50 days only – afterwards it is for free). On pick-up we will take an imprint of your credit card – no amounts will be frozen on your credit card.
This Protection Plus package also includes cover for single vehicle roll-overs and write-offs (something many other rental companies don’t cover).

At all times the Hirer is fully responsible for all fees, damages, expenses and/or costs for:
Loss or damage caused by or resulting from a breach of the terms of this Agreement by the Hirer (including any authorised driver).
Loss or damage caused due to use of the Vehicle in contravention of clause 11, 22 or 25 of this Agreement.
Damage caused to the Vehicle by not driving in a prudent and cautious manner.
Damage caused to the Vehicle by driving on unsealed roads or beach driving.
Damage caused to the Vehicle in any way by part or total water submersion including in flood water, river water, salt water, or any other source of water.
Damage caused to the Vehicle by the Hirer’s wilful conduct or reckless e.g. sitting or standing on the bonnet or roof of the Vehicle.
Damage caused to the Vehicle due to use of incorrect or contaminated fuel.
Damage caused due to the use or misuse of snow chains.
Damage or loss caused to any personal belongings.
Damage to the awning, overhead (roof) or under-body of the Vehicle.
Damage caused to the Vehicle because the Hirer has failed to perform tyres checks and maintain all fluid and fuel levels or failed to immediately rectify or report to us any defect of which you become aware.
All costs to replace keys which have become lost, broken, damaged, stolen or of retrieval of keys which been locked in the Vehicle, or where the Vehicle has been stolen due to it being unlocked.
Loss or damage caused where it is deemed by local authorities to have been careless or wilful in failing to comply with any legislation or regulation controlling vehicular traffic, resulting in damage to the hired Vehicle and/or Third-Party Vehicle or any other property.
Damage caused by the Hirer’s failure to take reasonable measures for the safety of the Vehicle, its parts or accessories, or failure to comply with all restrictions on the use of the Vehicle or otherwise abuse or misuse of it.
The cost of recovering the Vehicle in the event it becomes stuck or bogged in wet ground, sand or mud.
Damage to or loss of personal belongings of the Hirer or any other person within the Vehicle
For more details on all our Security Bond Options and Exclusions, please refer to our Terms and Conditions

Does Travellers Autobarn have any road trip guides or planners with suggested places to visit?
We have over 30 different road trip itineraries including many guides for you to download! Please visit our road trip page for lots of hints & tips for your next road trip adventures with us.

Is it safe to travel during winter in New Zealand?
New Zealand is a perfect safe destination to travel during winter? We recommend you to do a bit more research prior and during your travels as some roads – especially in the South – might be closed.
Winter campervanning is a great way to see New Zealand on the cheap…find out more in our Winter Campervan Travel knowledge base

Can a child seat be fitted?
Child seats can only be fitted in certain models. We can provide a front facing child seat that complies with local laws. You must inform us at the time of the booking if a child seat will be used in the vehicle, whether or not you provide your own, so that the appropriate installations can be made.
STATION WAGON: Accepts baby seats (0-3 years) and booster seats (4-7 years)
CHUBBY CAMPER: Accepts booster seats only (4-7 years)
HITOP CAMPERVAN: Accepts booster seats only (4-7 years)
KUGA CAMPERVAN: Accepts booster seats only (4-7 years)
HI5 CAMPERVAN: Accepts baby seats (6 month -3 years) and booster seats (4-7 years)

How many people can travel in each vehicle?
Seat belts are mandatory in Australia. Therefore, the number of passengers allowed would depend on the number of seat belts in the vehicle.
To check out your option please visit our campervan hire options here.

How do I get to the Travellers Autobarn Depot?
Pick up and return of vehicles is at our depots (not airports). Our depots are close to the airports, and you can travel to us by either public transport or Uber/Taxi. For exact locations please visit our New Zealand campervan hire location page with google direction to each location…

How can I pay for my rental?
All payments must be made in Australian dollars and we accept any of the following:
Debit Cards
Credit Cards
Debit and Credit cards must be Visa, Mastercard or AMEX.

How much is it to rent a campervan?
The price depends on seasonality, how you would like to hire for, where you would like to pick-up from and which vehicle you would like travel in…
May to September is very low season meaning you can get a campervan for under $40/day! April and October are seen as shoulder season while November to March are peak season!

What is included in the Free Winter Pack?
For pick-ups between May to September we offer our free winter pack which includes:
Free extra sleeping bags
Free heater (only works at powered camp site)
Free hot water bottle
The free winter pack must be booked prior to pick-up and is only available for pick-ups between May to September every  year.

Do I require an international driving license in New Zealand?
Unless you are from an native English speaking country e.g. Australia, UK or USA you must have an international driving license by law in New Zealand! We advise you to organise this prior to arrival in New Zealand however you can also find services to get your driving license translated directly in NZ prior to picking up your campervan!

Depot Info

C/13 Aintree Avenue, Mangere, Auckland 2022, New Zealand
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri: 09:00am to 04:00pm
Sat: 09:00am to 1:00pm
Sun: Closed

238 Roydvale Avenue, Burnside, Christchurch 8053, New Zealand
Opening hours:
Mon to Fri: 09:00am to 04:00pm
Sat: 09:00am to 1:00pm
Sun: Closed