Your Go-to Parks for Picnic in Christchurch

This beautiful city in New Zealand is known to offer plenty of spaces to lounge and picnic around. The lush green gardens are the highlight of your trip to the town. You can take your campervan rental Christchurch, and roam the town, finding the best spot to spend some time with your friends or family. grab some lunch or make a barbeque there, play around and have lots of fun.

These are all the places where people go to spend their weekends. Let’s take you through some of the well known and highly rated gardens and green spaces for picnics in Christchurch.


1. Hagley Park: This is the biggest park in the city. It is located at the centre and is home to several sporting and community based events. You can take a walk along Hagley Park, even when the place hosts no events to breathe in the green and enjoy the lush or fullness of the space. It is near the Hagley river, where you can go and spend some time. you can take the bike ride or simply walk the trail when in here.


2. Botanic Gardens: If trees and the various species of plants interest you, you might want to visit the botanic gardens in your motorhome hire Christchurch. It is spread across 30 acres and is one of the most distinct creations in the city. there are different sections for the different types of plants here. You will notice a separate section for pinetum, rose garden and rock garden. This garden also hosts a range of native plants and trees. You can also find some of the exotic tropical plants here.

3. Mona Vale: If you want to visit an English style garden in New Zealand, then Mona Vale is theone for you. You can easily access this garden from anywhere in the cit. you can take your campervan rental Christchurch and move around the space. Apart from the design and the spaces, you can also see a lot of English in the plants and trees that grow here. You will love the overall style and space of this garden. A must-visit for all picnic and garden lovers.

4. Edmonds Factory Garden: If you are planning a long family time in a garden, this could be a good place. It sports a nice garden and a playground, where your kids can happily play. You also have spaces for picnic, where you can sit, eat and chat around.It is complete with lily ponds and streams, along with trails that you can take to complete the walk. It is indeed a place to bring your family and spend some good time.

5. Riccarton Bush: You can take your motorhome hire Christchurch and visit the Riccarton Bush, a native forest located slightly away from the hustle bustle of the city. you can take a nice long walk in the forest and rest among the white pine that holds it glory in the forest. If you are planning a visit on Sunday, you can also go and buy stuff from the farmer’s market.