Top Swimming Holes in and Around Queenstown

If you are planning a vacation in Queenstown during the summers, you should know the earth boils literally. It is important you are more than aware of the swimming holes as you would be of the trails that make the place adventurous. Most of the beaches are also known for being excellent spots for surfing. So, while you travel for the weekend, you get to enjoy camping, swimming and trekking. You can travel in a campervan rental Queenstown if you want to enjoy a barbeque night. Alongside the shores of the beach, you can get the barbeque out and enjoy good food.

We will talk about some of the top swimming spots in this region that you should visit.

1. Queenstown Beach: For those who have been in the town for a while, you know it as a popular lake. But, the point is it also has a beach that is a little away from the town center. It is located around the gardens. It is an excellent swimming spot for all those who love taking a dip in the waters during the peak heat. Once you are done with enjying the swimming, you can eat your heart’s fill at the popular cafes and shops. It also houses toilets. Being well within Queenstown it is an accessible swimming hole.

2. If you have a motorhome hire Queenstown, you should visit the Wakatipu yacht club. It is a small yet brilliant swimming spot in this city. you can easily drive down to this place. You can also take the water taxi or the jetty to reach the spot. You can park your motorhome at the parking spot before entering the jetty. You can go back to the camping spot in the same jetty or taxi.

3. Kelvin Beach: It is another five minute walk from the yacht club and is known to be one of the most popular and accessible swimming spots in this region. It is located near a beach so you don’t need to dive into the swimming hole from a jetty. You can also take your campervan rental Queenstown to this place. The added advantage of visiting this spot is the beautiful and scenic appearances that make a mark.

4. Closeburn Beach: Yet another tiny and beautiful beach of Queenstown, it is not exactly located in the city. it is about a 10-minute drive from the city. there are plenty of private swimming spots in this place that you can visit. You can also have a day long picnic in this spot. The place also houses a number of toilets.

5. Frankton Arm Walk: this is along the trail that goes from the Frankton arm walk. It houses several swimming spots, and each one of them is a respite during the summer. You can find your perfect spot and take a dip. In case you don’t find a beach for the dip or a particular spot, you can take a dip from the jetty. You may have to find a parking spot for your motorhome hire Queenstown.