Top Swimming Holes in and Around Christchurch

If you want to spend a cooling weekend in the hot summers in Christchurch, you might want to hit one of the many swimming holes. It isn’t the only attraction; you might also get some camping time while you are in these interesting places. It is definitely worth traveling around the place in your campervan rental Christchurch. Apart from that, you might also enjoy watching the animals and birds nestled in these spaces. Lastly, you might hit upon an interesting trail that makes the place all the more buzzing and interesting.

Here, we will take you through the top swimming holes in Christchurch.

1. The first place to top this list is the Hay’s Bay. It is a fancy place hidden away from crowds and people. It is nestled deep inside Christchurch and not many people frequent this spot. On a quiet afternoon, you would enjoy the solitude of this space and love the dip in the waters. Being shallow, it is an excellent space for children too. You will find it to be extremely safe and nice. The added benefit of going to this place is the parking spot that you get for your motorhome hire Christchurch.

2. If you love waters and want to visit the best swimming holes in the town, you should go to Taylor’s Mistake. Unlike Hay’s Bay, it is a pretty crowded spot, and during the peak season it gets people from all around. However, you cannot deny the fact that it is one of the most beautiful and renowned beaches in the city. it is popular with swimmers and surfers. It is a beach that has been carved for surfing and has some incredible waves coming your way. If you love trails and walks, you should definitely consider taking the Awaroa loop track. The beautiful and scenic views make it an incredible trail. Apart from scenic views, you are also greeted by cave dwellings and things from the world war II era.

3. If you plan to take your campervan rental Christchurch for a ride, you should visit the Waimairi beach. This place is incredible for both swimming and surfing. There is an excellent playground where kids can enjoy after a good swim. You also have an excellent camping spot here that makes it an amazing place for night camps and day picnics. You can plan a day out with family or spend a weekend in this place. The grassy areas make up for excellent places to open your picnic lunches and have it.

4. Waltham summer pool is another place around Christchurch that you can visit to beat the summer heat. It comes with a relaxed vibe which makes it a must-visit place. It is pretty accessible to one and all. Apart from the main pool, there is a toddler pool that your kids can enjoy. You also have a hydroslide that makes swimming the waters fun and interesting. To end the day, you can plan a barbeque night with friends. You can have your barbeque station in the motorhome hire Christchurch.