Top Must-visit Gardens in and Around Auckland

Who doesn’t love a good stroll around the garden? The beautiful flowers making their way into your life through beautiful scents. The innumerable trees and the soft chirping of birds that make you feel amazing.


The beauty of gardens cannot be expressed through words or pictures; it is best felt and observed. If you are in Auckland in your campervan rental Auckland, and want to experience the serenity of being in a garden, here are a few places that we believe you should visit.


1. Wrights Watergardens: This garden surrounds the Mauku waterfalls and is located in one of the most picturesque locations. It comprises of beautiful pathways surrounded by flowers and worth exploring bridges that make your evening walks serene. There are flowers and beautiful scenic views that make it worth moving around. It is best explored when the sun is out. You will see the jolly faces of the trees basking the light of the sun.

2. Eden Gardens: Akin to its name, you will find these gardens to be quite blissful. It is not just another garden that houses flowers and trees; it is also a sanctuary for those who want to settle for some quiet and peace. You can park your motorhome hire Auckland in the nearby area before exploring the space. It is a beautiful sight, whatever be the season. You will see the dense and beautiful surrounding and it is definitely inspiring.

3. Auckland Botanic Gardens: If you love flowers and trees and smaller herbs, you should visit the botanic gardens in Auckland. It is not just the best home for all the plants, but also the perfect haven for a good stroll. You will see close to 10k plants around this area, and each one is unique in nature. You are not only in for some good time, but it is quite educational also. You will find some native forest trees and plants that you cannot find elsewhere located in this region. Make sure to take your campervan rental Auckland to travel this route.

4. Parnell Rose Gardens: The love for roses can never die and this garden is proof of that. It is one of the best concept gardens that comprises of rose. It is one of the best places for those who love things that are romantic and stroll-worthy. It is also the best places to take your bae to one your first date.

5. Mincher Garden: There is a kissing gate in this place, which makes it the most romantic places on earth. There are gravel paths that you can take in this garden, and explore the route. There are orchards and native plants in this garden. You wil notice some streams as well in this place. It is designed in Georgian styled manner. As it is privately held, you need to make an appointment before you enter the place. There is a parking spot for your motorhome hire Auckland that you can use

6. Ayrlies Garden: This garden is a stone’s throw away from Whitford and is one of the most iconic spots in Auckland. There are plants and trees that make you feel calm and composed around here.