Top hikes around Queenstown

If you plan on hiking in and around Queenstown, make sure to go with a campervan rental Queenstown that will help you move from place to place. It will make your hike long and interesting. Additionally, you wont feel tired if you have a place to rest.

Here are a few interesting hikes around Queenstown that should be part of your must-visit list.

1. The Queenstown hill trail is a 5km walk, both lovely and scenic. You should take this route only to view some of the panoramic scenes. It is an easy hike, both from the route and distance perspective. The views of the hill and the Lake Wakatipu make up for special moments along the route. The total time taken to cover this distance is close to 90 minutes. A hike up the hill is definitely a good addition to your bucket list.

2. The Ben Lomond stretch is the second most beautiful path to continue your hike in Queenstown. It is a total of 14km. You will need almost 6-8 hours to complete this hike and it is for those hikers who have been on more than one hikes. You can begin this trail from the end of Brecon Street. You can go up to Bob’s Peak from there or go to Tiki Trail.
The view from the top are exceptional. The trail is quite difficult and might require you to go slightly slow. You can go with a motorhome hire Queenstown if you want to ensure you have enough time and energy to complete the trail.

3. You can go on a hike in the Moke Lake loop. However, if you want to add some scenic beauty and a lot of landscapes to your trail, then you might want to explore the Moke Lake Viewpoint. You can park your campervan rental Queenstown in the campsite and get started with your trail from there.

4. Queenstown’s most exquisite trail happens to be the Tiki Trail. It is a 4.2km trail but you need almost three hours to complete the hike. You get to peak a view from Bob’s Peak near the Skyline building. At the top of the trail you get a picturesque view of Queenstown. There are plenty of activities that you can do when you are at Bob’s Peak. You should obviously ride the Queenstown’s Luge while there.

5. The next trail is one of the most famous ones in Queenstown. You can park your motorhome hire Queenstown in the campsite before proceeding with this trail. It is the Mt. Crichton Loop trail. It is basically a loop like trail. You will first reach the gold mining tunnel. It is an open air tunnel and you can explore it. once you cross this space, you move ahead to reach Sam Summers Hut. Once you move ahead, there is a waterfall that you cannot miss. This loop takes 2 hours to complete. It is an uphill hiking.