Top Hikes Around Christchurch

Christchurch hosts some of the incredible hikes and walks that you cannot miss on your trip to New Zealand. If you want to truly enjoy the hikes, you should plan for campervan rental Christchurch. It will allow you to go through multiple hikes, and make the most of your hiking trip. Here we will take you through some of the hikes you ought to plan, whether you are visiting New Zealand or you live nearby.

1. Taylor’s Mistake-Awaroa Head Walk: If you love being close to the nature and are in special love with water, then this trail is meant for you. It is easy on many levels but incredible altogether. The entire trail is enclosed in bushes and rocks. You can see the blue of the water enjoying your hike with you. You can also take a guided walking tour or plan a trip into the sea to see some dolphins. You can spend multiple days on this site and enjoy different activities.

2. The Crater Rim Walkway: If you want an intense and highly adventurous trail, then you should take the Crater Rim walkway. It ranges from Godley Hills to the Gebbies Pass. A clear sky guarantees a beautiful experience along this route. You will get some of the scenic and photographic views here that you cannot miss. There are different sections that you should plan to visit along this route. It includes Major Hornbrook Track, Kennedy’s Bush Track and others. it is prudent to have a motorhome hire Christchurch that will allow you to explore the route while you have a place to put up.

3. Rapaki Track: If you want something not too challenging on your hike plate, then you can take this route. It starts from the Rapaki Road and takes you through the Port Hills. If you love panaromic views, then this hike is specially for you. you will also get some views of the volcano located along the banks of Peninsula. If you want to get some breathtaking views of the Lyttleton Harbour, then you should definitely go through this trail.

You can book a campervan rental Auckland, and take the Kennedys Bush Track too. A 3.5 km track that ranges from Halswell Quarry to Summit Road, you can do this hike separately too. It is the best route for those who love birdwatching. You will get to see some of the beautiful native birds that remain unseen elsewhere. There are several trails that you can take along this route. It hosts the Orongamai Trail, the Quarry Trail and the Totara Trail. Each of them are small trails and can be done leisurely.

If you plan to take the famous walks around Christchurch, make sure to book a motorhome hire Christchurch. It will allow you to enjoy the multi-day hikes without worrying about your stay. Just make sure you connect with the right campsites for parking and other facilities before you plan your trip. Once you have the information, planning your next hike becomes easy and effortless.