Top Hikes Around Auckland

Whether you are planning a single day hike around Auckland or a multi-day hike, it is a good idea to opt for a campervan rental Auckland. It gives more wings to your trip and allows you to camp and set up space for the night. It also allows you to enjoy smaller trails without getting too tired. Here are a few hikes around Auckland that you cannot miss while planning your next trip.

1. Mercer Bay Loop Track: Whether you are a beginner hiker or someone more experienced, this trail has something for all skill levels. You can also take your dog on this trail. It offers brilliant experiences as it is encompassed by a forest setting.

2. Coman’s Track: If you are already planning the Mercer Bay track, try and start the trail from Coman’s track and walk via the Watchman’s Road. It is a 72km trail but, offers an incredible experience to the hiker.

3. Rangitoto Summit Track: On your next visit to Auckland, do make sure to get this experience of walking along the Ragitoto Summit Track. You can opt for motorhome hire Auckland for the day or multiple days, and cover the tracks next to it. The idea is to enjoy the track and have fun during the trail. There is a dormant volcano along the coastal region. You can cover that as well during your hike. When you reach the top of the summit brilliant views are waiting for you.

4. Massey Cossey Loop: It is located within the Hunua Ranges National Park, and is one of the finest walks around Auckland. You will find lots of birds waiting for you along this trail along with plants and bushes making it musical and enriching for everyone. It also houses a lake. This route is not only good for people who want to hike but also proven to be excellent for those who want to run.

5. KiteKite Falls Path: This is a 2.7km stretch around Auckland that you cannot miss if you starting out as a hiker. It is a good idea to go with campervan rental Auckland, as it will allow to move in and out of campsites. This 2.7km also hosts a waterfall that makes the entire experience fulfilling. The best part about this hike is that it is accessible through the year.

6. Duder Regional Park Loop: This is basically a farmland that hosts a beautiful hike too. It opens to beautiful views of the Hauraki Gulf. If you want to get a taste of adventure, then this is the trail you ought to take. However, this part falls right into the sun’s domain. So, make sure you carry a sunscreen or other protective cream.

7. Puhinui Stream Forest Trail: This connects the Totara Park to the Botanical Gardens in Manukau. You are exposed to more than 155 plant species while taking this trail. It is a popular picnic spot around Auckland. If you want to make the most of your trail and trip, you should opt for a motorhome hire Auckland.