Top Camping Spots around Queenstown

If you love outdoors and want to spend some time lapping up the nature, then camping is the best idea. However, when it comes to camping spots, there is a question where to go. New Zealand is literally swarmed by outdoor camping spots that are delightful and exciting. Here we will take you through some of the top camping spots around Queenstown that you might love visiting.

1. If you want to camp by the lakeside, then book your campervan rental Queenstown and visit Lake Hawae. This is the place where you can, swim, bathe and fish. This is a beautiful spot if you want to relax by the lakeside or jump into the water. You can go fishing, lie under the sun or just take a walk. There are lots of coffee shops too. Food is also a highlight at this camping spot. So, plan your outdoors in this spot to enjoy a relaxing weekend.

2. Pleasant Flat Campsite is located in the Mountain Aspiring National Park. With its spectacular views and scenic expanse, it is definitely a must-visit place for you. Apart from being beautiful, you will see that it has all the facilities such as shower spaces, toilets and others. Book your campervan and you will be able to visit this spot with ease. You can opt for campervan rental Queenstown to get going.

3. Another campsite located near the pleasant flat campsite is the Sylvan. It has great walking trails that you must try. It is also the place that offers adventure sports like fly fishing. There are also facilities such as toilets and running water here.

4. Glenorchy should be in your list, if you haven’t been there already. It is a 45-minute drive from central Queenstown, and is eco-friendly and a sustainable site. This place may not have actual tents, but they make up for that by having luxurious eco cabins and powered camp sites. It is the place that offers both solace and adventure. You can go for a hike or just stay in one place highly relaxed.

5. Arthur’s Point is another camping spot that most people vouch for. From adventure biking to moving down the slopes, there is a whole load of things that you can do here. The Coronet Peak is hardly 15 minutes from here, and is another excellent spot. You can go with campervan rental Queenstown to explore these spaces. There are also the hot pools that you can go for while on the way to this camping spot. This camping site is also ideal for those who love to stargaze and spend time looking at the open skies.