Top camping spots around Auckland

Who doesn’t love spending some time alongside nature? Camping is indeed one of the best ways to spend some time with nature and learning from it. if you love camping, and have the gear ready, it might be time to help you with some of the top spots that can help you plan your next trip.

1. Book your campervan rental Auckland and go to Raglan for your next camping trip. If you love the beach or like spending time by the water, this is the place for you. endless clear water, a peek into nature’s best and a lot of time to just sit back, this place promises peace. In case you are looking to spend some time inside the water, you can hire the kayak and get started.

2. Heard of Mangawhai? This is a hidden gem of Auckland that promises exciting trips and a wonderful time while you are camping. If you are going there to relax for a while, you will be surprised by the infinite calmness it offers.

3. Waipu Cove is yet another place that you can visit after getting the motorhome hire Auckland. It is indeed a place that fills you with happiness. The plus factor about this camping site is that it is located along the beach. You step out of your camps and onto the beach. It is a serene experience indeed.

4. Kai Lwi Lakes offers a great camping experience. It should top your list of must-visit places for camping. Being alongside water, and by the lake, it offers many waterside activity options. You will notice that this place is flooded with activities that you might not have considered otherwise. You can go windsurfing, canoeing and even fishing at these sites.

5. Trounson Kauri Park is a limited space campsite. It should be on the top of your must-visit places. it can accommodate only 20 people at a time. You can opt for campervan rental Auckland to stay at this place and enjoy your camping trip.

6. Waiheke Island is again a water spot that is definitely great for camping. It is surrounded by clear water and is indeed something that might excite your camping bones. There is a whole load of activities that you can do while there. The island has plenty of opportunities for long walks and trails.

7. Goat Island is for all the weekend enthusiasts, and is a marine reserve. So, you might want to invest in gear along with motorhome hire Auckland to spend some quality time at this place. There are some interesting shops too that you can visit while camping here.