Top 4 Bike Trails in Queenstown

If you are a bike lover and have been exploring landscapes on your mountain bike, you cannot let go off trails in Queenstown. They are known to be adventurous and pump in high adrenaline rush into the bikers. If you are all geared up to spend a weekend biking along the trails in Queensland, it is time to know the top four must-visit trails in this part of New Zealand. You should ideally look for a parking spot for your campervan rental Queenstown before you bike around the trails.

1. The Queenstown Trail

The Queenstown trail is the biggest track for you to bike around in this part of the town. It covers a total of 120km area that ranges from Queenstown to Arrowtown and Gibston.

The total trail is best fit for those who have attained expertise in mountain biking or adventure biking. However, you can do this trail in parts if you are a beginner. You should start with the 25 km stretch from Queenstown to Arrowtown. The scenic view and landscapes are incredibly set for this trail. You will cross the Kawarau River and Lake Hayes while on your bike trip.

You can take the 14 mile stretch next from Arrowtown to Gibbston. You can rest in between or do it in two different attempts. This other stretch is filled with wineries that are must-visit. This stretch is designed for weekend getaways and picnics.

2. Queenstown to Jack’s Point

This is an excellent hiking as well as biking route. We suggest you take your motorhome hire Queenstown to this place before getting started with the biking trip. It is a total of 12km and crosses the Kelvin Peninsula track too. You go from Queenstown to Jardine Park before it connects with Jack’s point. It is again known for brilliant views and scenic landscapes.

3. Rude Rock and Skippers Canyon

This is a 7km stretch but is meant for experienced and advanced riders. There are steeps and sections that beginner riders may not be able to cope. It is best suited for mountain biking and people with high fitness levels.

This stretch begins at the Coronet Peak and goes to the Greengates Express chairlift. The rude rock is a slight slant which requires extra effort while biking. You will need to find a spot to park your campervan rental Queenstown. While on this route, you might get to see a glimpse of Skippers Canyon.

4. The Deans Bank Track

This route is specifically designed for the advanced riders who want to go to Wanaka. It is a 11.5km stretch which passes Clutha river and the Otago landscapes.

There are rocks and berms that make the whole stretch interesting and incredible for the riders. There are several obstacles and challenges along this route. If you are an experienced biker looking for an adventurous route, add this to your bucket list.

It is important to plan your bike trip well in advance so that you are ready with the appropriate gear. Make sure you find a spot to keep your motorhome hire Queenstown.