Top 4 Bike Trails in Christchurch

Plan to take your bike for a spin? There are excellent trails along Chrischurch waiting for the mountain bikers, who love going on adventurous trails. Amidst the heart of New Zealand, this is definitely one of the best places to visit to get your adrenaline rush on. here we will take you through the top bike trails in Christchurch. You should ideally take your campervan rental Christchurch and park it nearby before you take the bike out.

1. North Hagley Park

This is situated in the heart of the city centre. You can take your entire family for a picnic and enjoy some biking moments together. The loop rounds a total of 4.5km and is flat. That’s why it is best suited for all types of bikers. The trail takes you through Avon River, Hagley Park and the Hagley Golf Club. It also asses through the Christchurch museum. It is not an adventure ride; it is more like a leisure ride. You get to see several places of attraction while on this route. You cannot miss out on the botanical gardens.

2. Westburn Reserve

If you are a beginner rider, then this is the best trail for you. you can even take your kids on this trail, as it has a bike park. It has a whole lot of open space where the kids can explore and learn to ride their bikes. A straight road, lots of fun activities alongside makes this trail one of the best choices for the people around.

You might want to teach your kids basic rules of riding on the road and the traffic rules before getting them on the road. Once you are done biking along the trail, you can come back to the motorhome hire Christchurch and dine on the picnic food.

3. Bottle Lake Forest

This trail is located in the bottle lake forest park which is near Waitikiri Avenue. At the heart of this forest are pine trees that make the forest special and built for bikers. It is a flat road making it easy for all types of bikers, including beginners and mountain bikers.

You can also go on your ebike along this trail. Of course, it is recommended you be a little careful while exploring on other types of bikes. The trail moves along the blue markers coast and spencer park. You get to see the Waimairi golf course while riding this trail. You should ideally find a site to park your campervan rental Christchurch before getting your bikes out.

4. Castle Rock

This is one of the easiest and interesting routes along Christchurch. You can go to this trail from the Mt. Pleasant Road. You can also touch this trail by biking along Bridle Path Track.

It is a total of 1.5 km journey, which ends at Bridle path car park. It is a brilliant track for all types of bike riders. There are several twists and turns along this route. You can look for a camping site for your motorhome hire Christchurch before you go biking along this trail.