Interesting Waterfalls in Auckland that You Should Visit

Auckland is nature’s baby. If you were to opt for campervan rental Auckland, then it becomes easier to explore this land that hugs beautiful scenaries and impressive landscapes closely. The intricate waterfalls in and around this place make up for exciting picnic spots and incredible moments. Here we are going to take you through some of the must visit waterfalls in this region that you cannot escape.


1. Oakley Creek Falls
If you are ever bored of visiting the rivers and lakes around you, it is a refreshing idea to go see this creek fall in Auckland. It is 11 km long, and runs through Mount Roskill, Mount Albert and Avondale. It is a natural waterfall, and that’s why you should not miss it. What more, it has got a pleasant waterview too.


2. Mauku Waterfall
Wright Gardens in Auckland is straight out of Alice in Wonderland. From the gardens to the picturesque views, you would be transported to the story and its characters for sure. If you plan on motorhome hire Auckland, we suggest you visit this garden. There are several highlights here, including the Mauku Waterfall. The water garden surrounding this site makes it a must-visit for all.

3. Karekare Falls
If you are in Auckland CBD or planning a visit to this place, you should definitely visit the Karekare beach. It is an hour’s drive from the city. located a few minutes away from the beach is the famous karekare falls that you cannot miss. The walking trail to karekare falls is easy and not too risky. It is located at the beginning of this track. This falls is where the film The Piano was shot.

4. Hunua Falls
If you have a campervan rental Auckland, then you will first need to reach the Hunua ranges before you can see the falls. You will need to go through a trail, the Hunua falls lookout walk or the Hunua falls upper lookout walk before you can see the falls. It is located at a height of 30m. It isn’t a picnic spot. You should ideally visit this place just to get a look at the falls. Do not plan to swim in this water. This place has a campervan parking spot as well as toilets.

5. Lucas Creek Waterfall
This is yet another creek waterfall located at a distance from Aukcland. While on your trip, you should definitely plan a visit there. It is a 10-minute walk from Albany Highway. It gives a fairytale like vibe and is extremely interesting. If you don’t want to enter the place where the falls begins, you can visit the lookout place. You will need to walk along the creek bridge to access the lookout.

6. Wainamu Falls
This is the one of the finest waterfalls in Auckland. You should definitely go with your motorhome hire Auckland to visit this falls. It is present along the track that begins from Wainamu lake. This place has several swimming spots that you cannot miss out on while visiting the falls. It is quite near the Waiti river.