Benefits of travelling in a Campervan

1.  Liberty of traveling anywhere
One of the most significant advantages of campervan trip is the liberty of traveling to any destination without having to book accommodation in advance. There are numerous free and safe camping grounds around New Zealand which provides the flexibility to stay as long as you like without planning beforehand.

2.  Budget-friendly
Campervans and Motorhomes are generally budget friendly as it could be parked at any free campgrounds and the accommodation fee at paid campgrounds is much lower than a motel or a hotel/Airbnb. Most vehicles come equipped with stove and cooking essentials which can further lower the cost and provide healthy meals especially if you are travelling with kids. These vehicles do come with all the equipment like aircon, kitchen, TV, bed and sofa, shower and toilet, bbq, etc which you need for a comfortable and memorable holiday.

3.  Approval of pets
A lot of campgrounds and caravan parks allow dogs. A handful even has proper pet care arrangements, so leaving them for the day and enjoying the trip becomes easy. There are some campervans and Motorhomes that allow and has enough space for you dog. Just ask the question before you book.

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