Bars to Ring in the Night in Queenstown

Queenstown is known for its incredible and jaw-dropping night scene. The incredible nightlife is what everyone raves about after moving away from this town. If you are exploring this part of New Zealand in your campervan rental Queenstown, and want to stop by for some good food and nice drinks, there are plenty of bars at your disposal. These bars are known for their ambiance, the way they conduct themselves and of course the good food. So, if you are ready to explore, we are ready with our curated list.

1. The Lodge Bar: This is one of the most sophisticated and stylish places in Queenstown. The way it has been designed is apt for those who want a good drink while going over their day. You can call for one of their delightful cocktails or sip on a glass of wine from their exceptional collection. It faces the Lake WAkatipu, which makes the whole scene all the more good, especially in the night. Apart from the nicely done wine list, you also have an excellent variety of food on their menu. It includes everthing from chees platter to confit pork belly.

2. Ferg’s Bar: This is an interesting bar, one that you cannot stay away from visiting. When you enter this place, you find a nice cosy little place where you can snuggle up for a drink. There are a total of 40 signature drinks on their menu available for you to choose from. These include gin, mocktails, wines, beers and cocktails. Find a park spot for your motorhome hire Queenstown before you enter. You can have their classy cocktails, all of which use homemade ingredients. You can pair their drinks with oysters or fried chicken, and you are good to go.

3. Little Blackwood: This little bar is located along the Lake Wakatipu inside the Wharf steamer. It shares one of the best views in the town. It is also said to be the favorite spot for the locals. If you want to get a drink after a hard day at work or, just want to relax with good food, you can take resort at this place. Just make sure you have aplace for the campervan rental Queenstown. Their delightful drinks such as Japanese Garden, Brown Beer and others will make you crave for some more. When it is cold outside, wine can help you. They serve some fingerlicking delights such as pizzas, cheese platters and quality meat.

4. Atlas Beer Café: If you want a beer and are up for craft beers, then you should visit this café. It serves some interesting varieties of craft beer, and is one of the local favorites. This is the bar that hosts the mountain bike mayhem during the summers. As it is located along the lake, it is perfect for all seasons. You can grab a drink, sit on the grasslands and enjoy the good view. Apart from the beer, they are famous for their steaks

5. Upstairs at the Bunker: this is one of the bars that has been there for the longest time ever. They offer hand shaken cocktails, and have some of the best wines on their list. The cosy indoors combined with the sophisticated places to sit, makes it the perfect bar. They serve food with some good in-house live music. you will find a place to park your motorhome hire Queenstown.