7 Must-visit Waterfalls in Queenstown

Do you love the naturally cascading falls? Are you one of those people who love spending time by waterside views? Queenstown is filled is waterfalls that will make you unite with nature and enjoy some peace time there. There are plenty of waterfalls in this region, making it a major waterfall spotter. With the kind of rain this region receives, the waterfalls are definitely a magnificent view. You should definitely go there with campervan rental Queenstown and enjoy the site of the falls and forests.


Here we will list out all the waterfalls you should visit on your trip to this place. They are all scenic and should top your list.


1. Lower Vye Creek Track
This is a steep creek, and water cascades with great force from here. You will find it to be a scenic view, if you spend some time here. The noise that comes from cascading combined by the view of white water is indeed incredible. Being a steep track, it is quite popular with rock climbers. The walking line is highly popular with walkers as well as trampers. The cascading water starts from the irrigation pipeline and moves into the beech forest.

2. Lake Alta Track
This is another walking track that hosts one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Queenstown. In fact, the lake itself is hidden from people, and a lot of first-timers in this countryside are unaware of this lake. You have a splendid site to park your motorhome hire Queenstown while visiting the lake. The water cascades from the hills into the lake, and is a beautiful site during the winters. When the snow falls, this space becomes ice cold and the mountainous view is indeed one to aspire. There is a trail next to this lake which you should take, especially when the hills convert into a glacier during the winters.

3. Mt. Crichton Loop Track
This is known to the world as Sam’s Summer. It is an incredible walk, and a lot of people in and around Queenstown prefer this track. You should ideally park your campervan rental Queenstown before taking this journey. This loop track that also houses one of the finest waterfalls begins at Glenorchy Road. It stretches into a beach, natural forest and a creek before ending the trail. It is a good 2-3 hours journey, which campers and hikers would love. If you are invested in spending time around nature, you should try this track.

4. Lake Face Creek Falls
This is a rarely known creek falls. Not many people, even among the locals, are aware of these falls. It is located along the eastern side of Lake Wakatipu along the Glenorchy-Queenstown route. You will go to the tip of the waterfall if you follow this route. At the tip of the route, you will see the beautiful waterfall cascading out of the spaces.

There are quite a few more creeks and cascades along this route. The Sunshine Bay Walk is a trail with waterfalls. You should go for motorhome hire Queenstown so that you can explore the range of waterfalls and cascades in this part of New Zealand.