5 Best Waterfalls in Christchurch

Winters in New Zealand can be as fun as the other seasons. It’s alright if you don’t get to swim; you will have plenty of space to ski and enjoy. What more there are several places that are touristry and open throughout the year.


Waterfalls are exquisitely open during the winters and should be on your go-to list. If you are planning campervan rental Christchurch, visiting most of these waterfalls is quite easy. You can easily park the campervan at the camp sites and walk the trail to see the beautiful creeks and falls.


It is quit a sight andan enjoyable one at that. If you don’t know much about the waterfalls near Christchurch, please read on.

1. Marokopa Falls
If you love those ancient and beautiful waterfalls, then Marokopa falls should rank high on your list. It is an incredible sight, one that will transport you to another world. It is located in the Waitamo area of Christchurch, a good 31 km from this place. You can combine your walk to the the 35 km falls with the Mangopohue Natural Bridge Walk and the Piripiri cave walk.

2. Huka Falls
If you want to see waters that are clear blue and streams that are perfect, then you should visit Huka falls. You also have a place for motorhome hire Christchurch at this site. The force of the cascades at this fall is fast and heavy. As a result, it is not the spot to swim. While this is no swimming or picnic spot, there are several trails located along these falls that you cannot miss.

Boats go on these falls and it is one of the finest adventure sports here. If you want some adrenaline rush, then you should not miss the boatride to the Huka falls.

3. Purakaunui Falls
If you are exploring the country region of Christchurch, you should take the trail along the Parakaunui falls too. It is a splendid sight, one that you cannot miss. The best part of this place is that it has a lot of greenery. You will find several trees surrounding the falls itself. It is divine and interesting too. If you are planning a trip to New Zealand, take your campervan rental Christchurch to this place.

4. Kitekite Falls
If you are a nature lover and want to be closer to that space, then Kitekite falls is the go-to place for you. It is populated with trees and forests, making it surreal. Hidden in the Waitakere ranges, it is complete with several walking spaces and trails. You will have to park your motorhome hire Christchurch before you start the walk along the hilly road to these falls. It is a long but very incredible journey to the falls.

5. Stirling Falls
It is a must-visit when on a trip to New Zealand. This is yet another clear blue waterfalls in this country. You will notice that these falls are nestled along spaces that are beautiful and vast. You will notice a lot of forest region around it. If you want to take in some breathtaking experiences, you should definitely visit these falls.